Our Mission Statement 

We are a customer focused entrepreneurial business that’s motivated to provide financial solutions by lending/purchasing goods and/or  providing our clients with a good quality product at a price that allows them to feel that they’ve been treated well and have “won” the deal.



AZ Pawn is a continuing pawnshop story brought to you by Kelowna’s oldest Pawnbroker. Yes, I am the most experienced pawnbroker in Kelowna, probably the interior of BC and a close runner for all of BC! Really, I get it. I want to give you the most for your items and in turn sell them for your best price. Value all around.

It’s a stretch but it can be done. I’m born and raised in Kelowna and have been in the industry since 1985. Ever since I’ve been actively involved and been “hands on” in the pawn industry in Kelowna. Although there are many similarities among deals each transaction requires it’s own finness. That’s why your experience at AZ Pawn will be better than any other.




Email: info@azpawn.ca
Phone: (250) 860-4301


The O.G.

Hawk....too much to list under this guy however he brings a great deal of experience over the past 25 years. As the founder of Trade 'N Save in downtown Kelowna we were fortunate to drag him out of semi-retirement and out him back into service at both Asher and AZ Pawn. His many years of history in this industry makes dealing with him a comfortable experience. His level of professionalism is respected by all and he's yet another positive force on this team that makes any visit to AZ Pawn one worthwhile.

Email: info@azpawn.ca
Phone: (250) 860-4301


customer service expert

Tanner has put in some time in the pawn industry and has a unique grasp on many of the technical gadgets we often deal with at AZ Pawn. He takes the time to not only know the products but he uses them all...maybe too often, however from cell phones to computers to gaming/games old and new his knowledge of the product cannot be surpassed elsewhere. When you meet him his hair color/style may change but his ability to provide top notch customer service does not! No need to search elsewhere because he's just another reason why AZ Pawn is your go to community pawnshop!

Email: tanner@azpawn.ca
Phone: (250) 860-4301





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  • TUE: 9-6PM
  • WED: 9-6PM
  • THU: 9-6PM
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  • SAT: 9-5PM
  • SUN: 10-4PM


  • Pawns/Loans
  • Buying/Selling
  • Gold/Silver/Bullions
  • Fine Jewelry/Watches
  • Electronics
  • Musical Instruments
  • Car Accessories/Tools


  • PHONE: 250-860-4301
  • FAX: 250-860-4302
  • EMAIL: info@azpawn.ca
  • WEBSITE: azpawn.ca
  • ADDRESS: 1960 Dayton Street
  • CITY: Kelowna, BC.
  • COUNTRY: Canada