• Gold of any kind
  • Jewelry/Diamonds/Watches
  • Electronics - iPad, Laptops, iPhones
  • Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Tools of any kind
  • Car, Boat, Motorcycle, RV
  • Any things with value
Cash loans for items of value (collateral) commonly referred to as a pawn. Cash for items of value you wish to sell outright and do not wish to redeem at a later date. At AZ Pawn we are here for business. Our business is about you, the people, our customers. We are in the service industry. At AZ we not only look at the products but we take the time to hear our customers and stretch where we can to give credit where credit is due. Yes, its not an easy task but that’s what makes us stand out and really makes us different.

Collateral Loans

  • It's as simply as that! No credit checks, payroll garnishes, no phone calls or collection.
  • Of course we are always interested in customizing larger loans from $3000 to $15,000+ based on your particular needs.
  • Please call 1-250-860-4301 for more info and discussion.

When you pawn an item you simply use item(s) of value to secure a specified amount of cash for a specific amount of time which you can redeem by re-paying the principal amount plus interest. That sounds kinda "wordy" for lack of a better term!

Simply put you borrow some cash based on the value of an item for a period of up to 30 days. Within that 30 day window you can buy back your item plus a fee (typically 20 bucks on every hundred...20%). You get to leverage your valuables to get you through the next payday.

Every loan can be renewed by simply paying the interest amount within that 30 day period if needed. If you choose to not redeem the loan.... No problem, you can simply let the loan expiry date come to term and choose not to redeem the item(s). Eventually, the product will get sold and we can recoup some costs and move on!!

Get Cash!

  • Please call 1-250-860-4301 for more info and discussion.

This is what we do best!! We can either lend you money on your goods (pawn) where you can redeem them within a 30 day period or we can buy your items outright. Either way we pay cash on the spot.

AZPawn can help you with Pawns, Loans, and Payday Advance.
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